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Conventional Grapes

Here in California’s beautiful San Joaquin Valley, the heart of grape vineyards, Sunview has successfully built a farm based on the simple principles of integrity, quality, performance, and sustainability.

Optimal growing conditions are only the first step. Once harvested, Sunview’s grapes are cooled and placed in appropriate refrigeration with quickness unrivaled in the industry. Rapid cooling immediately after the grapes are harvested maintains freshness while also adding shelf life to our grapes.

Sales of Sunview grapes begin near the end of June and continue through mid-January.

Red Seedless

Crimson: Medium in size with a cylindrical shape, this is a late harvest grape with a firm texture.

Flame: As one of the most popular seedless grapes in the US, this hybrid variety produces medium clusters of round grapes with a sweet and juicy flavor.

Gem®: Another proprietary variety offered exclusively through Sunview, this grape has a very elongated shape and favorable flavor.

Krissy: Refreshing crisp texture, sweet and overall exceptional flavor.

Rosa®: This proprietary grape is a very large, round berry with a slight Muscat flavor.

Scarlet Royal: With a rich, dark red skin and a translucent, yellow flesh, this oval-shaped grape is extremely sweet and crunchy.

Timco: Large berries with a deep red color with a refreshingly sweet flavor.

Green Seedless

Autumn King: Very large, attractive berries light green in color. Its sweet flavor can be enjoyed late into the season.

Great Green: Light green color grape with a firm crunch texture and delightful sweetness.

Princess: White/light green in color, with a large cylindrical shape.

Stella Bella®: Translated into “beautiful star” this exquisite, green seedless grape is prized around the world for its large berry size, crisp texture, creamy color and sweet, clean flavor.

Sugraone: These grapes are recognized by their bright green color. Round to elongated in shape, these berries have a distinctive crunch and a flavor with Muscat undertones.

Timpson Green: Creamy colored grape with a crisp texture and fruity sweet flavor.

Black Seedless

Autumn Royal: Featuring bold black and purple coloration and an ovoid shape, Autumn Royal grapes are one of the largest varieties of seedless grapes available.

Black Seedless: Round to slightly oval in shape, black seedless grapes have a firm texture and feature a sweet, strong, Muscat flavor.

Summer Royal: Round and medium-sized, this firm and crisp mid-season grape has a sweet neutral Muscat flavor.


Red Seeded

red-seededRed Globe: Red Globe grapes are the largest of the red grape varieties. Round, sweet and crunchy, they are popular in salads and are the most commonly exported grape.
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Return Policy

If a shelf-stable item purchase is returned to us new and in original packaging within 15 days of delivery, we will refund your order total and less our costs for shipping and handling each way. If an item is returned to us as a result of Sunview’s improper order fulfillment, shipping and handling charges will not be withheld from your refund. However, please be mindful of the following details regarding returns:

Return Policy for Cancelled Orders
An order cannot be cancelled once it has been shipped. If you decide to cancel after shipment, our standard return policy applies.

Return Policy for Free Shipping Items
For items that shipped for free, our shipping costs will be deducted from your refund.

Return Policy for Perishable Items
If a perishable item is returned to us marked as “undeliverable” we cannot offer a refund. Unfortunately, unlike items that have a longer shelf life, items that are perishable are unable to be resold after they are sent back to us. When this situation occurs, we do offer customers a 20% discount on a replacement order.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, give us a call and we will happily replace your order free of charge. Please note that we cannot be responsible for delivery address errors that cause delayed arrival/spoilage or incorrect handling/storage of the product after delivery.

Return Policy for Damaged Products
If a product arrives damaged or with items missing, please notify us within 15 days. We would be happy to send you a replacement as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that missing items may have been substituted.

Substitution Policy
For a variety of reasons, we will occasionally run out of a specific item. While this situation does not occur often, we reserve the right to substitute an item of equal or greater value in our product.