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We believe knowledge is key when it comes to cultivating truly superior grapes. Daily field analysis and collaboration with the UC and California State University systems result in a clear understanding of our soils, groundwater, and vineyard microclimates. Couple that with our commitment to innovation and sustainability and you get a unique process that allows each of our delicious grape varieties to reach their full potential.


GloriaHerrera-005-RootStockAside from harvesting for our own production, Sunview also sells rootstock of popular varieties. Rootstocks can be used to improve plant health, increase production and help sustain the health or survival of a vineyard.

Sunview’s Sustainability

JTF_4468-SolarAt Sunview we believe that high quality safe produce should not come at an environmental cost. As the third generation to farm this land, we are dedicated to do everything we can to sustain and protect the soil, water, air and wildlife here in the San Joaquin Valley. Our sustainability initiatives include:

  • A commitment to recycling everything from harvest supplies, packaging materials and office resources
  • Employing pest control management strategies that utilize natural predators and biological controls, resulting in less pesticide use
  • Offsetting our outside energy use and reducing our carbon footprint by installing solar fields on our storage and office buildings
  • Using drip irrigation methods that rely heavily on monitored soil moisture for increased water efficiency and decreased fertilizer/treatment use
  • Returning vineyard shavings from pruning and harvesting back to the soil as compost to naturally enrich the soil and reduce waste
  • Looking for additional ways that we can be better stewards of the environment on a daily basis


All of our grapes are grown, processed and packed by Sunview Vineyards of California/Sunview Marketing International, are products of natural origin and are not derived from genetically modified organisms (GMO). Any ingredients used in the processing of our products have been manufactured in such a manner that genetically modified organisms are not incorporated in their production.

All of our products are processed in the State of California, United States of America.

Export history


Sunview has a solid history in export markets around the world. Our first exports to the Far East began over forty years ago with shipments to Hong Kong and Japan. Today, you can find fresh Sunview grapes in over fifty countries throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East during the California shipping season. Along the way, we have devoted ourselves to increasing awareness and appreciation for great-tasting California grapes in many new markets, including the first direct shipments to markets like China, India and Vietnam.

Trading Relationships

Sunview’s export customers have played a vital role in the success of our export program over time. In fact, we endeavor to develop long-term relationships with companies in export markets that share our philosophy of doing everything possible to ensure that Sunview grapes reach consumers in “just picked” condition. We have relationships and partnerships in many markets that now span almost three decades.

What’s Left to Do? Get Better!

Our challenge is to constantly select the best varieties to grow and the most effective systems for producing them in order to better serve consumers in overseas markets with increasing expectations for freshness and quality. With this in mind, we have invested continually in improvements in post-harvest handling, modernization of our cold storage facilities and shipping operations, and training of our dedicated and professional staff.



Return Policy

If a shelf-stable item purchase is returned to us new and in original packaging within 15 days of delivery, we will refund your order total and less our costs for shipping and handling each way. If an item is returned to us as a result of Sunview’s improper order fulfillment, shipping and handling charges will not be withheld from your refund. However, please be mindful of the following details regarding returns:

Return Policy for Cancelled Orders
An order cannot be cancelled once it has been shipped. If you decide to cancel after shipment, our standard return policy applies.

Return Policy for Free Shipping Items
For items that shipped for free, our shipping costs will be deducted from your refund.

Return Policy for Perishable Items
If a perishable item is returned to us marked as “undeliverable” we cannot offer a refund. Unfortunately, unlike items that have a longer shelf life, items that are perishable are unable to be resold after they are sent back to us. When this situation occurs, we do offer customers a 20% discount on a replacement order.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, give us a call and we will happily replace your order free of charge. Please note that we cannot be responsible for delivery address errors that cause delayed arrival/spoilage or incorrect handling/storage of the product after delivery.

Return Policy for Damaged Products
If a product arrives damaged or with items missing, please notify us within 15 days. We would be happy to send you a replacement as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that missing items may have been substituted.

Substitution Policy
For a variety of reasons, we will occasionally run out of a specific item. While this situation does not occur often, we reserve the right to substitute an item of equal or greater value in our product.