Stella Bella® Green Seedless Grapes


Stella Bella® is a trademarked brand from Sunview Vineyards, a three generation family farm located in the San Joaquin Valley of California.


The sunshine and excellent growing conditions in California’s San Joaquin valley define the quality of this exceptional proprietary brand.


This green seedless grape is prized around the world for its large berry size, crisp texture, elongated shape, superb sweetness and long shelf life.

man holding green grapes

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Harvest is almost here…it almost feels like a little kid at Christmas time when you couldn’t wait to open presents! ...

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The sun is shining, the grapes are getting sweeter and juicier on the vines and we can’t wait for you to get to try our super tasty Stella Bella® Grapes! Coming very soon to a store near you! ...

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Growing and harvesting grapes is a labor of love for us at Sunview®. Another fresh crop of our Stella Bella® grapes are coming to a store near you and we can’t wait! Don’t miss out on this perfect snack this summer! ...

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The perfect snack for the beach, the backyard, pool days, or a road trip! Coming to a store near you soon! ...

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The perfect summer snack is almost here! Have you ever tried Stella Bella® Grapes? People say they’re the greatest tasting green grape on Earth! ...

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