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Rooted in Traditional Farming Practices

SustainabilityLong Term Land Viability

We see ourselves as the stewards of this land that has been farmed by our family for generations.

At Sunview the past always teaches the present. Modern sustainable agriculture techniques are rooted in traditional farming practices. The way our ancestors farmed remains the foundation for how we farm to do this day.

Our use of regenerative techniques help us to nourish the soil, conserve and reduce the need for chemicals. Natural, permaculture techniques like the utilization of cover crops and land rotation allow us to naturally regenerate the land.

Employing innovative solutions like clean power through solar energy, reduces our footprint.

Our numerous water conservation methods allow us to preserve California’s most precious resource, while our integrated pest management programs, including operating our own insectary, work to create balance and reduce dependency on chemicals.

By prioritizing the long-term health of the land, Sunview remains at the forefront of sustainable agriculture technology and continues to hold true to our family’s growing traditions.

We are dedicated to do everything we can to sustain and protect the soil, water, air and wildlife here in the San Joaquin Valley.

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