Sunview breeder looking at red grapes

Our legacy that lasts for generations

Our PeopleTeamwork Inspired Collaboration

We operate Sunview from the vineyard, just like our great-grandfather. Our family owners stay connected with the land by working in the vineyards every day. We are not just a family-owned company, Sunview grapes are family grown.

When we say that Sunview is a family operation, we mean more than just our own family, we include the many families who work with us each day.

Our company’s success means success for our employees, improving the standard of living for everyone who lives in our community. We employ our staff year-round, giving them the stability to support their own families. At Sunview we believe in giving back to the people who have given to us. Our community giving programs, youth internships initiatives and scholarship programs seek to change lives and extend opportunities.

Sunview is a happy extended family. We can measure this with our high retention rate. Our employees being with us long-term means that our staff learns and grows year over year, allowing our customers and consumers to benefit from one of the industry’s most experienced and qualified teams.

It is the people of Sunview who help us to maintain our industry-leading quality and customer service and help us continue to be a family grown operation.

The way our ancestors farmed remains the foundation for how we continue to farm to this day.

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