Farmer harvesting grape seeds

Years of Research and Breeding Expertise

InnovationModern Innovation and Techniques

Learning from the past has taught us to cast our eyes on the future. Innovation and thoughtful growth are guiding principles at Sunview. We see knowledge and experience as our most powerful tools, which means understanding as much as we can about our land and techniques so that we can constantly improve.

We employ advanced testing and emerging technology to advance our production. This includes state of the art monitoring of our vines, the latest in harvesting and packaging and fully automated climate controlled cold storage facilities. We continually invest in research and development by supporting the programs at various universities.

At Sunview, we operate our own rootstock nursery with breeding facility, and insectary, giving us the opportunity to nurture our grape vines through the entire plant life cycle. Our team cultivate a variety of beneficial insects to help naturally control pests in the vineyards. This approach allows our vineyards to improve the quality of our grapes. Our breeding operations have been so successful that other growers buy rootstock from our operations.

From Post Harvest Equipment to cold storage facilities, Sunview’s operations utilize the latest innovations in equipment and processes. We look for opportunities to advance our growth everyday so that we can continue to offer our customers the industry’s best fresh fruit and services.

Sunview now has an extensive catalog of proprietary brands, each of which represents over ten years of research and development.

Gloved hands cutting into grapes in petri dishes